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Both Participation Won The Gold Medal

Kuala Lumpur, 18 Julai 2019 – Participation of two LEAN Quality Management groups from University Agriculture Park, ha not come to waste when both groups bag gold award at MPC excellence Team Convention (Rtex) 2019 Central Region which was held on 17-18 July 2019 at Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur.


The two groups were Lavender Group from Ornamental Nursery and Recreational Division and Niloticus United Group  from Puchong Farm Division. Both winners received certification and plaque delivered by YBrs Tian Chua, the Chairman of Malaysian Productivity Council (MPN).

The Lavender group had presented the problem solution for shortage of input in preparation of mixed soil. The usage of pricey organic material caused shortage in inputs. The replacement of organic material from the market with compost has contributed a big impact on the efficiency of production process, cost saving in input buying, manpower, production and expansion to the community service.

Meanwhile the Noliticus United Group presented a problem solution to water replacement process for fresh water fish which is time consuming. In order to overcome the time consuming water flow to the tank, a new piping system was designed to save time, energy and to increase efficiency. During this process the main water source is being replaced from domestic source (treated) to rain water.

Evaluation criteria for the presentation were introduction of company and members (50 marks), selection and definition of project (150 marks), analysis on improvisation (250 marks), the proposed innovation, creative solution and execution (200 marks), supervision and standardisation (100 marks), achievement and value creation (200 marks) and showmanship (50 marks).

A total of 112 groups represented multi-national companies, incorporated companies, small and medium industries and government agencies had participated in this convention.

The purpose of this convention to name a few were to enable the participants to present improvisation of initiated projects by using quality equipment and proper technique to be evaluated by panels and to gain acknowledgement of excellent efforts through group participation in Team Excellence (KIK/5S/LEAN) activities.

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