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A One Health Economics (Putrabiz @ Vet) program

Serdang, October 13 - A One Health Economics (Putrabiz @ Vet) program was held at the Deer Farm, UPM University Agricultural Park (TPU) yesterday. The program, which involved third year students in the field of Veterinary Medicine, was conducted to increase student knowledge of the economic impact of zoonotic diseases in Malaysia. In line with the recommendations of the goverment that have come up with strategies to manage zoonotic disease problems at an efficient cost.

Programs conducted at the University Agricultural Park (TPU) went into effect on October 5th  and 12th , 2019. The program covers the use of deer farm areas which are suitable for the One Health Economics in-situ program. For the benefit of all, veterinary students with the help of monitoring staff will conduct 'Problem Based Learning' activities using zoonotic disease cases.

According to the Deputy Director of TPU, Prof. Madya Dr. Mohd Hezmee Mohd Noor said, “This program will enhance students' interest in understanding the animal health economy while helping to develop as a veterinarian who has communication skills, creativity, critical thinking and teamwork”.

In conclusion, the program has the potential to positively impact students in choosing their direction and to produce knowledgeable students in all aspects. This is essential to realize the main mission of Universiti Putra Malaysia is to make a meaningful contribution to human progress through the exploration and sharing of knowledge.

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