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What’s up in Dusun Humphrey

What’s up in Dusun Humphrey


SERDANG, 29th August – Things are getting back lively at Dusun Humphrey, Universiti Putra Malaysia with visitors flooding this iconic venue for the seventh Hari Bersama Pelanggan (HBP), 2019 organized by UAP, UPM Serdang.

This monthly event by UAP offers a substantial amount of interesting activities such as sales of agriculture products, asnaf stalls, ornamental plants and demonstration of agriculture methods that started as early as 8.30am.

Other than sales of durians, venison, silver catfish and fresh milk, the main attraction for the visitors is the exhibition of local exotic fruits such as “mentega,” “kuning telur”, “rambai istana” and “keranda” that was quite rare and never before seen. According to the Head of UAP Administration, Mrs Hajah Noorul Huda Abd Hamid, Menurut Ketua Pentadbiran TPU, Noorul Huda Abd Hamid, Dusun Humphrey that has the width of 6.6 hectare contains a handful these local exotic fruits that has the potential to commercialize and also for the purpose of teaching and learning. “We are hopeful that this demo and exhibition will provide a new knowledge to the visitors especially the students, researchers and the public since we have this experts here in UAP”, when asked recently.

For the record, the former Vice President of the United States of America in 1967, Sir Hurbert Humphrey once visited this venue during the Serdang Agriculture College period. Following this visit, this venue was named as Dusun Humphrey in honour of his time here in Serdang.

Oleh Jamali Janib

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