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TPU Deputy Director 'kacau' bubur lambuk!

TPU Deputy Director 'kacau' bubur lambuk!

Porridge preparation and Khatam Al-Quran programme have been held at Bangunan Delima, Bukit ekspo on last 24th May 2019.

The programme which have been organised every year by KKTPU have started at 9.00 a.m by Deputy director of TPU, club president, Head of Divison and TPU members.

Next, the programme have been continued with Khatam Al-Quran at 3.00 p.m which have been lead by Dr.Muhammad Azrolharith. The objectives of the programme is to make Al-Quran recite as a practice for TPU members in their daily life.

There have some of activities was held in this programe such as porridge cooking for distribute among TPU members and  Khatam Al-Quran activity.

For your information, Juzuk of Al-Quran have been divided for every divisions on early of Ramadhan and followed by Khatam Al-Quran by all divisions. The Khatam programme have been lead by Al-Fadhil Ustaz Husni Harmin.

Finally, the programme concluded with distribution of Bubur Lambuk to the TPU members by our deputy of director, Prof Madya Dr. Mohd Hezmee Mohd Noor accompanied by Club president. The programme ended at 5.00 p.m.

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