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Program Perintis Pembangunan Komuniti DUN Seri Serdang

SERDANG, 21st July 2019 – University Agriculture Park (UAP) was invited by the Urban Community Transformation Center (UCTC), UPM to participated in this event that was organized by with the collaboration with the Honourable Seri Serdang State Assemblymen in the Sri Serdang state assembly hall community development pioneering program at two venues which are the Seri Kembangan PKNS Apartment and Sri Indah Apartment that will be focusing on developing urban agriculture and health through education.


This project was an initiative by the Honourable Dr. Siti Mariah Mahmud that are currently being implemented starting from July to December 2019 (Phase 1) after witnessing the successful impacts of similar UPM projects surrounding the Seri Serdang area under the Serdang Green Town projects during the past 2014-2017.

Through the UPM motto “With Knowledge, We Serve” and the concept of “From Universal Knowledge to Field”, all the knowledge, skills and expertise of the university were transferred to the community through process of knowledge transfer at the field.

At the launching event, officers from the Plant Materials and Hatchery Division of UAP have participated in giving demonstration on planting fruit trees using marcotting method. Other faculties that have also involved in giving demonstrations to the participants of the program were Agriculture, Design and Architecture and Medicine and Health Sciences.


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