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Fruit Crop Propagation Method - Wedge Grafting


In general, the propagation of fruit crops by wedge grafting is a method of mounting a part from selected crop (scion/shoot) to the rootstock before a new seedlings is produced.

Among the fruit crops that are suitable for this method are durian, mango and mangosteen.



  • Maintains original fruit crops characteristics



  • Requires skills
  • Requires rootstock
  • Moderate success percentage (depending on skills)
  • The mature fruit crops are likely to snap at the grafting area if pruning is not done regularly


Equipment and Materials

  Grafting knife, scateur, binding tape, transparent plastic wrap
Rootstock (sown from seeds that are 5-7 months old)  


Cut at the middle of the rootstock using a scateur
The cut at the rootstock should be the same diameter as the scion/shoot to be used later
Make a vertical cleavage of about 1-2cm in the middle of the stem of the rootstock using a grafting knife
Prepare the scion/shoots by removing the leaves and twigs and leaving 3-4 shoots that have been cut in half
Make a wedge-shaped cut at the base of the scion stem/shoot
These wedge-shaped cut should best fit into the cleavage of the rootstock made earlier
Insert the scion/shoot into the cleavage of the rootstock
Make sure the cleavage on the rootstock is not broken when the scion/shoot is inserted
Tie the bonded parts using binding tape
The ties must not loose so that the cleavage of the rootstock and scion/shoots bonded neatly
Cover the scion/shoot with a transparent plastic wrap
Place the grafted rootstock under the shade of 30-40% sunlight penetration
Depending on the type of fruit crop, after 14-30 days, new shoots will appear
Removes the transparent plastic wrap and the binding tape.



The propagation of fruit crops by wedge grafting can be tried depending to the suitability of the fruit tree.



Photo Credits: Junizawati Mohd. Zin, Agriculture Officer, University Agriculture Park

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